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Biofeedback and a better life

Having a better life is something everyone desires.

There is always an area or areas of our life where we want to be better, whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. There is always a search for greater well-being, which leads us to a greater sense of fulfillness and satisfaction.

This better life will always go through a greater balance, a more centered, more focused and fuller day-to-day. Closer to your essence and, of course, with much less stress and much more happiness.

Biofeedback, or Quantum Therapy, is undoubtedly a powerful tool to achieve these goals given its ability to analyse, relax, train and correct the electrical body, in the search for the harmony and balance that we seek so hardly in our life.



Biofeedback, also called Quantum Therapy, is a health therapeutic technology that aims to analyse the stress factors that are at the basis of some diseases and physical and emotional imbalances. This is a patented technology that combines several sources as quantum physics, alternative medicines, psychology and biology.

The stress that manifests in our body can have diverse origins such as:

» emotional traumas

» professional, financial, family pressure

» allergies

» hereditary factors

» additions, among others.

All these stressors generate harmful effects on the body, and stress is considered by WHO - World Health Organization, the epidemic in the health of sec XXI, characterizing it as the main cause of chronic diseases that affect 90% of the world's population.


In Biofeedback, through an analysis and treatment equipment with a powerful software, it is possible to obtain an accurate and reliable picture of the Client's overall health status, discover the causes of the energy blockages and imbalances of the metabolism and harmonize it.



Biofeedback is intended for people of all ages and conditions, producing no side effects.

It is only contraindicated for people with pacemaker, epilepsy or pregnant women.

This therapy is not a diagnostic method nor is the therapist a doctor, and the term "quantum medicine" is totally inappropriate. This therapy provides patients with crucial information about stressors, motivating them to change their lifestyles in pursuit of overall health and well-being. For health care, please contact your doctor.


About your Therapist

Nuno Henriques da Silva

Graduated and post-graduated in Marketing, used Biofeedback Therapy at a stage of his life when he felt like a "fish out of water" in the business environment, despite his successful experience in big companies, both national and multinational.


The dissatisfaction and anxiety were great and the imbalance they generated was too strong to ignore.


Biofeedback was, at this stage, a powerful ally to an intended emotional stabilization and life transformation that would emerge. The experience was so powerful and transformative that he became a Therapist.


Throughout this process also realized that one of his life purposes is to help! Helping people is something that accomplishes him and that makes him want to be a better therapist.


Certified by The Quantum Academies.

Como funciona?


Biofeedback is a non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing method, completely free of side effects.

In practice, the technique consists of placing a harness on the Client's head equipped with sensors that measure the electrodermal response of our body.


The system has sufficient sensitivity and precision to measure reactions at more than 12.000 different frequencies, which normally interact with the human body, collecting this information and processing it in the software matrix, allowing the therapist an easy access to the profile of stressors, facilitating the most pertinent recommendations for a quality life improvement.

The treatment works at a vibrational level, restoring the frequency of the organ, system or emotion that is out of balance, returning the body to its correct functioning and promoting a sense of harmony and balance.

It thus helps to manage and reformulate stress patterns, providing crucial information on situations that induce imbalances, always with the aim of motivating clients to make lifestyle changes in favor of their health and well-being in general.

The software has dozens of programs, with enormous benefits in:

» relief of symptoms of depression and anxiety

» stress reduction and greater emotional balance

» stimulation of the immune system

» balance of the hormonal and lymphatic system

» heart rate stabilization

» pain reduction

» anti aging

» memory stimulation, concentration

» regulation of metabolism, among many others.
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Estudos e Certificação


In recent years, Biofeedback has been subject of dozens of studies that have demonstrated the ability of this therapy to improve health and quality of life in several areas. At PubMed, the bibliographical reference for scientific research, there are several documents to be consulted and that demonstrate how Biofeedback can be useful for your well-being.

» The effect of a biofeedback-based stress management tool on physician stress: a randomized controlled clinical trial (learn more)

» Efficacy of biofeedback in patients with chronic low back pain: Impact on pain intensity, psychological factors and stress markers (learn more)

» Impact of biofeedback on self-efficacy and stress reduction in obesity: a randomized controlled pilot study (learn more)

» Biofeedback-based training for stress management in daily hassles: an intervention study (learn more)

» Exploring the Neuroplastic Effects of Biofeedback Training on Smokers (learn more)

» Stress and Anxiety Management in Nursing Students: Biofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation (learn more)

» Real-Time Assessment of the Effect of Biofeedback Therapy with Migraine: A Pilot Study (learn more)


The SCIO is a device using a technology certified by the ISO system, having obtained the 13485:2016 Certification, and also the CE Certification - Medical Devices. You can consult all the information HERE.

Please, before choosing a Biofeedback technician, ask for the certification of the equipment.

Ensure your session is secure.



Real testimonials from Clients who have already had therapy

Plinio, Lisbon

"The initial reason for my biofeedback treatment was my state of anxiety and stress, motivated by confinement and other personal reasons.

At the beginning of the treatment, I also had a health problem, prostatitis, having realized that this therapy could also help to combat this problem.

In the first session I noticed a difference in my body and mind. The mind began to calm down and that also made the body relax, and this combination is fantastic.

The very confidence that Nuno transmits, the environment itself… everything helps!


After 3 or 4 treatments, the change, in my case, was 180º, and today I'm back to being what I was before, perhaps even calmer."

Rita, Lisbon

"I started doing sessions with Nuno, because I was in aN anxiety peak that was difficult to deal with, so, on the recommendation of my sister and my psychologist, I decided to try it.


I only did 4 sessions, but the truth is that I inexplicably felt improvements right after the second session. The tightness in my chest and the tremors disappeared and I managed to control my thoughts better, with a much clearer and more positive outlook.


I had to stop because I got pregnant, but I intend to do biofeedback again when I can, because I felt it helps with longer-term stability. Thank you Nuno!"

Tiago, Estoril

"I chose to do quantum therapy because I felt blocked inside, both emotionally and on a personal level.


I felt that I wasn't doing the things in my life that I really wanted to do, displaced from the means and environments that make me feel good.

Therapy came to unblock a series of areas in me, I started to know how to better choose what I feel like doing, who I want to spend my time with, I eliminated friends and toxic environments from my life, I started to choose what is best for me and what makes me feel good.

Nowadays I feel a personality evolution, more centered, more aware of my life, and with a higher vision of life and the environment, family, work, friends, social life."

Assemá, Oeiras

"Biofeedback, I already wanted to try it, the day came and I chose Nuno, and I couldn't have chosen a better therapist.


The session passes without us noticing. After a brief questionnaire, the session begins. I can say that I slept soundly and, after weeks of terrible pain in my lower back, I got up without a single pain, it felt like magic...


I had almost a week without pain and being able to make movements that I haven't been able to do for a while, inexplicable...


Nuno is extremely attentive and attentive and makes you feel completely at ease. Nowadays it is my therapy of choice, as the results are notorious. It is an investment with a fantastic return, as we immediately feel the benefits.


Thank you for everything Nuno! See you soon."

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